Production monitor

Our production monitoring solution enables automatic, near real-time monitoring of crops, especially in contract farming for the food and non-food industry. It provides an accurate analysis of crop status, crop performance, harvest activities, anomalies and therefore improves management of thousands of fields, in any part of the world. Knowing the area actually growing and the timing creates transparency in your production and supply chain which helps to reduce risks and improve planning. It also provides a good basis for providing extension services to farmers.

Production monitor dashboard

These parameters are derived from satellite imagery in near-realtime in our production monitor:

  • Field map
  • Active field area
  • Field homogeneity check (single or multiple crop)
  • Crop emergence per week
  • Maturation status
  • Peak performance analysis
  • Harvest progress per week

Individual adaptations are available on request.

We have utilized it successfully to monitor the growth and harvest of tomatoes for some of the largest tomato producers in Italy and for certified cotton in Greece. Preconfigured solutions are available for the following crops:

  • Cotton
  • Tomatoes

Soon will be available:

  • Sugarcane

The production monitor can be configured for most field crops.

Related services

The production monitor relies on our satellite-driven crop monitoring API agknowledge and can be adapted to your specific needs and your crop. It can be combined with other services like: