Greener Cotton

Solutions for Cotton Industries

Geocledian has many years of experience in supporting the production of sustainable cotton with remote sensing and data analytics.

We are currently a leading partner in an ESA-supported project on greener cotton with a focus on supporting Cotton Transparency and Cotton Farming.

Details: GreenerCotton Project Website

Background image: Farmer shows cotton ready for harvest on the plant.
Greener Cotton. Photo by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik

Based on this, we improve and develop various products around sustainable cotton. Actually we are focusing in particular on:

  • Sustainability Check (including Deforestation Check) – you get auditable information, that means a detailed risk assessment at regional level, based on remote sensing data and derived products.
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  • Production Monitor – provides an accurate overview of crop status and crop performance, harvest activities and anomalies of large field portfolios down to the field level.
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  • Cotton Farming – supports field advisory by offering performance monitoring, alerts and warnings on pest and disease risk and weather events and Sustainability KPIs at field level.
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Combine harvester during the cotton harvest.
Cotton harvest. Photo by Karl Wiggers on Unsplash