Weather data service

Weather has a significant influence on crop growth and yield development. Furthermore, a reliable weather prediction is essential for planning farming activities like seeding, fertilisation, spraying, harvesting or for managing weather risks like drought. Historic data is needed for crop modelling and risk assessment.

Therefore we have integrated high quality weather data from a reknown provider that can deliver historic and current weather data as well as weather forecasts globally. Common free services usually provide lower prediction quality. Often historic data is not available but is essential e.g. for yield model training.

Our weather data service is optimised for agricultural applications due to its high quality and resolution and the selected weather parameters. We provide weather data, accessible via API, per parcel. It is both easy to integrate and already integrated in our ag|knowledge API. We offer the combination of EO data and analytics together with weather data as a harmonised timeseries. Our Weather Data Service is designed for crop modelling, yield prediction, risk assessment and planning of agricultural activities. Summarised, the core benefits of our weather data service are:

  • Optimised for agricultural purposes like crop modelling, yield prediction, risk assessment and planning of agricultural activities
  • High resolution weather data for agricultural areas
  • Data provision per parcel
  • Access via API, easy to integrate
  • Integrated in ag|knowledge API
  • EO data and analytics in combination with weather data

Product: Agronomic Weather

Our agronomic weather data service includes these outputs:

  • Daily weather data at parcel level
  • 7-day forecast 
  • Weather data time series for the whole season
  • Available parameters:
    • temperature (mean, min, max)
    • precipitation (sum)
    • soil moisture at 0-10cm (mean, min, max)
    • soil temperature at 0-10cm (mean, min, max)
    • evapotranspiration (ET0, sum)
    • horizontal radiation (sum)
    • dew point temperature (mean, min, max)
    • wind speed (mean, min, max)
    • main wind direction
    • relative humidity (mean, min, max)

The service is provided by Meteoblue, running a multi model approach and providing constant validation data. For specific service requests like hourly data, other agronomic products or warnings please contact us. Widgets, meteograms or pictograms as well as a maltitude of additional weather parameters available on request.

Link: Agronomic Weather API Documentation

provided by meteoblue