We offer several tools for free that you can use to visualize and analyze our data. Here they are:

V4 Web clients

We have two DEMO web clients that can be used to register parcels in our system and visualize & analyze their data. They are not a product as such and just provided to demonstrate the API functionalities. They are under continuous development and may change.

V4 Field Agent

The evolution of our Analyst Dashboard, based on our brand new released API V4 Products. Giving you the possibility to use state of the art crop monitoring service derived from satellite data. The V4 Field Agent enabels you to display and analyse your data very easy and clearly arranged.

For example to use the V4 Field Agent with the DEMO key go to:

V4 Zones Agent

The V4 Zones Agent generates and visualizes our new Field Management Zones product in an appealing way. These application maps are essential for precise and sustainable agriculture.

For example to use the V4 Zones Agent with the DEMO key go to:

V3 Web clients

Analyst’s dashboard

The Analyst’s dashboard contains comprehensive data analysis features that enable you to dig deep into your parcel’s data time series. You may use our Analyst’s Dashboard for viewing and analyzing the advanced features of the agknow API here:

For example to use the Analyst’s Dashboard with the DEMO key go to:

Portfolio Dashboard

Our Portfolio Dashboard is supposed to provide an overview over several parcels close to each other and compare their vegetation development.

Please note, that the Portfolio Dashboard is in beta stage and there are some developments for performance improvements to come. The detail view button is currently revised and therefore deactivated.

For example to use the Portfolio Dashboard with the DEMO key go to:

Agknow client

Our simpler Agknow client was designed for users that are not as advanced and simply want to register some parcels and visualize their data. It is also very useful for developers as it shows only the basics how to work with our API and a Javascript client. It’s also useful for checking the parcel messages in a GUI.

You can find it here:

For example to use the Agknow client with the DEMO key go to:

Please go here for our Open Source components like widgets and the QGIS plugin.