Release Notes

Release API v4.4.1



  • parcel registration endpoint
  • new attribute tags won’t allow ‚eudr‘ anymore in the regular parcel endpoint registration; EUDR Parcels shall be registered only through the dedicated endpoint
  • all EUDR endpoints:
  • generation_date attribute for risk results is now a timestamp everywhere (was date)
  • GeoJSON is default output and input in any EUDR endpoint; simple JSON is the second option for responses
  • EUDR parcel endpoints:
  • Geometry message of a Parcel Validation Report is now a list
  • EUDR parcel risk endpoint:
  • EUDR risk output is now a list; output is ordered descending by date
  • GeoJSON output contains the most recent risk; with format=JSON all risks may be retrieved
  • EUDR Batch creation endpoint:
  • creation now with a list of parcel IDs only
  • region_id assigned and validation report is stored to database
  • new validation rules added; only if all parcels pass the error rules the batch is created
    • Errors
      • parcel geometries may not be duplicate within the batch
      • parcels may not be duplicate regarding all attributes within the batch
      • parcels need the same attributes for country_iso and commodity
    • Warnings
      • overlapping geometries will be flagged
      • outlier geometries will be flagged
  • output different between JSON and GeoJSON:
    • JSON is more compact with relevant parcel IDs only and validation report at batch level
    • GeoJSON returns a set of relevant parcels without validation report
  • EUDR region risk endpoint:
  • EUDR risk output is now a list; output is ordered descending by date
  • GeoJSON output contains the most recent risk; with format=JSON all risks may be retrieved

Release v4.4.0


New endpoints: dedicated EUDR parcel & regional endpoints in beta version

  • registration of new EUDR parcels (points & polygons)
  • format may be also regular GeoJSON
  • points will be buffered with a radius according to the given point_buffer_area parameter (default 4 ha)
  • validation of geometry and mandatory attributes
  • validation of claimed country_iso (coordinates match country_iso) and reported ares (area_rep)
  • retrieval of single EUDR Parcel including validation report
  • retrieval of the EUDR risk of a single parcel with enhanced EUDR risk assessment result:
  • deforestation_area_ha added
  • image of landcover mask at baseline date 2020-12-31 added (landcover_mask_png_baseline)
  • image of forest change mask at harvest date added (forest_change_mask_png)
  • Map utilities added
    • legend image of landcover mask and forest change mask added
    • scalebar image for generated images added
  • degradation_risk, degradation_area_ha, degradation_index added for timber / wood commodity
  • retrieval of the list of registrered EUDR Parcels for the given API Key
  • registration of new EUDR regions (polygons)
  • format may be also regular GeoJSON
  • validation of geometry and mandatory attributes
  • validation of claimed country_iso (coordinates match country_iso) and reported ares (area_rep)
  • retrieval of single EUDR Region including validation report
  • retrieval of the EUDR risk of a single region with EUDR risk assessment result
  • retrieval of the list of registrered EUDR Regions for the given API Key
  • all EUDR endpoints‘ results may be retrieved in agknowledge JSON format with geometry as GeoJSON or in regular GeoJSON format (i.e. Feature or FeatureCollection)

New Features

  • parcel registering endpoint
  • new attribute tags allows the storage of special functionalities on parcel level, e.g. „weather“
  • parcel list endpoint
  • tags may be used in parcel list endpoint to filter parcels matching the given tags filter


  • usage summary endpoint
  • changes in usage endpoint because of billing requirements of EUDR (parcels / regions)

Release API v3.3.2



  • scene metadata endpoint: fixed a bug where mean sun angle and mean sun azimuth were not corresponding to the bands

Release API v4.3.9



  • harvest ranking endpoint: order is now descending by HMI per default
  • parcel endpoint: userdata max length extended to 2048 chars (was 1024)


  • agro & yield weather endpoints: fixed bug where the release date was used internally when no enddate has been passed

Release API v4.3.7 & Analytics v1.6.9


New Features

  • Cumulative water balance endpoint available as beta release
  • Pest risk endpoint available as beta release
  • Beta products group introduced

Release DB v1.69 & API v4.3.6


New Features

  • Bare Soil Index (BSI) endpoints available for Sentinel-2
  • Change detection endpoint for Sentinel-2, Sentinel-1 backscatter VV / VH and experimental synthesized biomass index (SBMI)

Release DB v1.67


  • Updated similarity & cropcheck for API v4 to work better with start & enddate in parcel pre selection
  • similarity & cropcheck performance improvements for API v4

Release v4.3.4



  • Updated dmc time series & harvest date functionality for maize


  • similarity performance improvements for API v3

Release v4.3.3


New Features

  • Updated maturity / dmc functionality in API v4 for maize

Release v4.3.2



  • Internal refactoring & fixes without affecting products

Release v4.3.1


New Features

  • Sentinel-2 L2A data available with API v4
  • Parcel registering now also without ROI based management available; then only Sentinel-2 L2A data will be provided.
    Note that Sentinel-2 L1C data still depends on ROI based scene processing for compatibility reasons.


  • Colormaps endpoint
    • new input filter attribute ’sensor‘ for filtering color maps for a certain data source (e.g. „sentinel2“, „landsat8“)
    • new response attribute ’sensors‘


  • Cropcheck endpoint
    • fixed bug – works now as expected (filter by user id)

Release v4.2.6



  • register parcel endpoint
    • planting & harvest of parcel registration is technically limited from now on; the maximum time span a parcel can be registered for is 365 days by default
  • user endpoint
    • max_parcel_period is included in user information

Release v4.2.5


New Features

  • growing degree days endpoint (GDD)
  • phenology markers: SOS / POS is available now during the season


  • timeseries endpoint: added smoothing method Cubic Spline („cspline“)
  • timeseries endpoint: switched default smoothing method in timeseries endpoint from „savgol“ to „cspline“ and changed default smoothing and resampling parameterizations
  • timeseries endpoint: parameter „sm_window“ is now called „sm_param“

Release v4.2.4



  • similarity & cropcheck fix: start & enddate for the reference parcels search are set to the parcel’s planting and harvest date if not inside the time range of the parcel
  • reflectance item endpoint fix: JSON item could not be retrieved

Release v4.2.3


New Features

  • new endpoint (sentinel2 only!)
    • scenemeta (containing image and product metadata)


  • cropland: fixed documentation in endpoint

Release v4.2.2



  • usage endpoint: current_billing_date added. This parameter specifies the start of the current billing period. E.g. if your contract started 1.1.2010 (=“key_billing_startdate“) the „current_billing_date“ would be 1.1.2021. The parcels registered after this date are relevant for the next billing and the limits calculation for your key.
  • usage endpoint: „regstartdate“ is None by default and will be set to „current_billing_date“ internally if no „regstartdate“ is defined by the user (but it may still be overridden by a user defined value). This means that by default (if no parameter is specified by the user) the usage endpoint will give you an overview of your consumption for the CURRENT billing period. Older parcels are only considered if explicitely demanded by specified parameters „regstartdate“ and „regenddate“.

Release v4.2.1



  • zones: wrong use of outlier_flag in raster id query -> only outlier flagged data was taken for the analysis

Release v4.2.0


New Features

  • new endpoints (sentinel2 only!):
    • cropland (cropped area for time range)
    • netarea (cropped area on a single date)
    • zones
    • ranking
    • similarity
    • cropcheck
  • new NDVI colormap: ndvi_fert


  • new grouping of products / order according to product packages (see
  • rotation endpoint renamed to cycles
  • agroweather: weather data is limited to the startdate / enddate of the parcel
  • homogeneity endpoint permission moved from ‚phenology‘ to ‚validation‘
  • cycles endpoint permission moved from ‚crop_perf‘ to ‚validation‘
  • parcel patch endpoint permission moved from ‚basic‘ to ‚patch‘


  • parcel messages will be returned from newest to oldest (previously without sorting)
  • small bugfix on visible & reflectance product (too broad raster extension file types allowed)
  • small bugfix on parcel endpoint for &count=true parameter: if nothing is found with the filter string, HTTP status 200 is returned (was HTTP 404)

Release v4.1.0


New Features

Yield prediction backend extension

  • The new yield prediction list endpoint is now available
  • With the new yield prediction PUT endpoint you can now write new yield predictions to our backend and overwrite them for the existing combination of PID, date_of_prediction

New, updated and editable parcel attributes

  • The crop, name and entity parcel attributes have a maximum length of 255 characters now (before 30, 50, 50)
  • The new parcel attribute „userdata“ for JSON content is now available and has a length of 1024 characters altogether
  • It is now possible to update the parcel attributes crop, name, entity, userdata via the new PATCH endpoint
  • The new message_code „ParcelUpdate“ will be written in parcel_messages if an attribute was changed


  • Bugfix of CIRE in product list: no more „source=landsat8“ available for this product

Release v4.0.0

Informations about the initial API v4 release and important migration directions (v3 -> v4) can be found here.