Release Notes

Release v4.2.2



  • usage endpoint: current_billing_date added. This parameter specifies the start of the current billing period. E.g. if your contract started 1.1.2010 (=“key_billing_startdate“) the „current_billing_date“ would be 1.1.2021. The parcels registered after this date are relevant for the next billing and the limits calculation for your key.
  • usage endpoint: „regstartdate“ is None by default and will be set to „current_billing_date“ internally if no „regstartdate“ is defined by the user (but it may still be overridden by a user defined value). This means that by default (if no parameter is specified by the user) the usage endpoint will give you an overview of your consumption for the CURRENT billing period. Older parcels are only considered if explicitely demanded by specified parameters „regstartdate“ and „regenddate“.

Release v4.2.1



  • zones: wrong use of outlier_flag in raster id query -> only outlier flagged data was taken for the analysis

Release v4.2.0


New Features

  • new endpoints (sentinel2 only!):
    • cropland (cropped area for time range)
    • netarea (cropped area on a single date)
    • zones
    • ranking
    • similarity
    • cropcheck
  • new NDVI colormap: ndvi_fert


  • new grouping of products / order according to product packages (see
  • rotation endpoint renamed to cycles
  • agroweather: weather data is limited to the startdate / enddate of the parcel
  • homogeneity endpoint permission moved from ‚phenology‘ to ‚validation‘
  • cycles endpoint permission moved from ‚crop_perf‘ to ‚validation‘
  • parcel patch endpoint permission moved from ‚basic‘ to ‚patch‘


  • parcel messages will be returned from newest to oldest (previously without sorting)
  • small bugfix on visible & reflectance product (too broad raster extension file types allowed)
  • small bugfix on parcel endpoint for &count=true parameter: if nothing is found with the filter string, HTTP status 200 is returned (was HTTP 404)

Release v4.1.0


New Features

Yield prediction backend extension

  • The new yield prediction list endpoint is now available
  • With the new yield prediction PUT endpoint you can now write new yield predictions to our backend and overwrite them for the existing combination of PID, date_of_prediction

New, updated and editable parcel attributes

  • The crop, name and entity parcel attributes have a maximum length of 255 characters now (before 30, 50, 50)
  • The new parcel attribute „userdata“ for JSON content is now available and has a length of 1024 characters altogether
  • It is now possible to update the parcel attributes crop, name, entity, userdata via the new PATCH endpoint
  • The new message_code „ParcelUpdate“ will be written in parcel_messages if an attribute was changed


  • Bugfix of CIRE in product list: no more „source=landsat8“ available for this product

Release v4.0.0

Informations about the initial API v4 release and important migration directions (v3 -> v4) can be found here.