Ag|Knowldge Pricing

This site provides pricing information about bundles based latest for the last API version. For information on the services please refer to


For determining your correct price please select your bundle and the annual volume. The pricing applies as annual flat fee. For volumes above 100.000 ha and Enterprise individual bundles please contact our sales staff.

* individual support, multiple keys and SLA are included for packages with an annual value greater € 2.000

** Starting with the date of registration each polygon and its data will be stored without additional costs for: 5 years – or – until deletion by the user – or – until termination of the Licence, whatever comes first.


The pricing above includes a one year Licence for the Ag|Knowledge platform for the selected bundle and the selected annual volume. For further Licence terms please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

License Period

The subscription licence starts from the 1st of the month of the start date of the Licence and lasts for 12 months. If no automatic prolongation has been agreed the Licence automatically ends after 12 months without further notice. In case an automatic prolongation has been agreed the licence will be prolonged for another year with the same hectares per year, if not canceled 30 calendar days before nominal ending. Example: First order/subscription has been issued on 10th May 2021. The term of the Licence will last from 1st May 2021 to 30th April 2022. The cancellation notice has to be submitted by the end of March 2022 if the Licence shall be terminated after the first year.


Each polygon will be billed once at the time of initial registration. The total area of polygons registered within the Licence Period may not exceed the total area subscribed in that period.

The maximum length of a time series per polygon defined by seeding date to harvest date is limited to 12 months. The seeding date can be any date actually covered by satellite data. Prices for historic data and in-season data are the same. Time series above a length of 12 month are subject to an individual offer.

Subscription License Volume Change

During the subscription period the customer may request an increase of the Licence Volume [ha]. Individual increases in steps of 1.000 ha can be made available on request.

A subscription volume decrease is possible only with the start of the next subscription period. A notice about the decreased subscription volume to Geocledian has to be sent 30 calendar days before ending of the actual period.

Consumption monitoring, cost control

Using our „parcel summary“ API endpoint the current consumption can always be checked in the web browser to keep track of the actual usage of our service (https://geocledian .com/agknow/api/v4/docs#/utils/get_usage_summary_agknow_api_v4_usage_get).

Here it can bee seen how many parcels (and related area) have been registered in the current billing period (default: 1.1. – 31.12.) on the account. The area of these „productive“ parcels determines how much area still can be registered until reaching the maximum limit of hectares defined by the chosen flat fee package. This way full control over the costs is maintained.