Parcel Status

Parcel Status

Examine the net cropland area within a parcel for a specific date. This tool is very often used to assess whether a certain parcel has been cultivated or left fallow. The output of the function is the actual area under crops and the percentage/fraction of area under crops for a specific monitoring date. Please see the detailed tool description here:
Resource associated to parcels 
Resource URL: /parcels/<id>/status

Path Parameters

 parcel-id id of parcel
 product_name valid value: „status“

Required parameters

 key registered user key to authorize user
 default: „“
 sdate single observation data, will then be matched with the closest sensing date of the satellite data,
 date: 20181010



Response Elements

 area_under_crops    the actual area under crops in hectares (ha)
 fraction_under_crops    fraction of parcel area which is actually under crops (when multiplied by 100 = percentage %)
 sensing_date    the closest sensing date to the requested date of the satellite data 


   "crop_status":" "{
      "area_under_crops": 18.695026392067124,
      "fraction_under_crops": 0.498093058733791,
      "sensing_date":" "2018-04-02"
   "summary":" "{
      "startdate":" ""2013-01-01",
      "enddate":" ""2020-12-31",
      "name":" ""I_N_Mantua_Virgiliana",
      "area": 37.5332,
      "parcel_id": 4483,
      "crop":" ""test",
      "entity":" ""I_N_Mantua_Virgiliana",
      "centroid":" "{
         "type":" ""Point",
         "coordinates":" "[