Crop Mapping

A common problem in the traceability of most agricultural goods is that the location of the field where the crop was produced remains unknown. In global procurement registering all participating smallholder fields is a costly effort and thus often not performed. However, new ESG reporting guidelines and deforestation laws require the exact geolocation for each crop procured.

Service Description

We offer annual crop mapping of field locations and sizes with high accuracy. All crop maps will be validated to determine the accuracy of the model. Given good reference data an overall accuracy of 98% is well achievable. We can work with and without user provided reference data for model training.

Crop maps serve multiple purposes. First of all they provide an accurate understanding of seeded crop areas. Thus, they allow to estimate volumes which will be procured at the end of the season. Even more important crop maps can make the process of registration of fields much more cost effective. In this case we can provide field boundaries with higher accuracies.